Hello, coffee lovers! I’m Lisa, the creator of SheLovesCoffee.com. This is a place where we celebrate Italian coffee, share our favorite coffee quotes, and give you the best coffee recommendations.

I grew up in Italy, a place where coffee is a big deal. It’s not just something we drink; it’s part of who we are. From when I was young, I learned to love making and enjoying espresso, and that love has grown with me.

Every morning, I start my day with a delicious espresso. This little ritual helps me get ready for the day and has inspired me to learn more and share what I know about coffee. I have about 4 espressos a day so I know a thing or 2 about my cup!

I’ve worked in busy cities like Milan and London, and I’ve balanced work, family, and my love for coffee all at the same time. I’ve learned it’s important to enjoy the little things, like a quiet moment with a cup of coffee or a laugh over a cappuccino with friends.

I started SheLovesCoffee.com because I wanted to connect with others who love coffee as much as I do. This blog is all about sharing the joy of Italian coffee and finding those special coffee moments together. It’s for women everywhere who find happiness and inspiration in their daily cup of coffee.This blog is about how coffee is more than just a drink; it’s a way to take a break, connect with others, and explore different cultures.

Come join me as we explore amazing cafes, learn how to make the perfect espresso, and celebrate the Italian coffee lifestyle.

Lisa xx